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DSCI0510On April 22nd, a march was held across the nation by advocates of child abuse imploring lawmakers to take the subject of child abuse seriously.  It was also a rare opportunity for child abuse advocates, many of whom have been operating alone, to meet other advocates for support, strategy and planning.

This nationwide march was a grassroots efforts by Children Without a Voice, which was started by Lin Seahorn who was abused in foster homes, group homes and other institutional settings.  HEAL Online, an loose confederacy of advocates demanding transparency in the troubled teen/group home industries, joined in the marches in Washington state, Kentucky and here in Southern California.

IMG_0915Priscilla Perez, who organized the march in Los Angeles, was inspired to join the movement following the abduction of Samantha Runion,  Jade Against Bullying and Cuffed and Wanted, a newspaper that publishes pictures of sex offenders (but will remove them once they register with the police) also joined the marchers in solidarity.

Child abuse takes many forms.  Abuse in the home.  Abuse in the school.  Abuse in foster homes, child care, boot camps, and many other institutions.  Including churches, public and private schools.

You can’t solve a problem without admitting you have one!  If you can cover up abuse in your home, it’s a piece of cake to cover up corruption in your business, church, or government.  What is the answer?  We’ll never know if we stay in our own shadows.  The time has come to for advocates to join together and force this country to acknowledge the silent problem of child abuse and how it affects the stability of a nation.