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Happy Valentines Day! On this day in 1991, deputy sheriffs and child investigation officials raided Victory Christian Academy in Ramona, CA, thanks to the testimony of one survivor who happened to name drop ‘Lester Roloff’, a curious videographer who never would have interviewed her had she not name dropped Lester Roloff, and a crusty Atheist TV producer who eventually sent the tape to the Department of Children’s Services.

Victory Christian Academy shut down its doors a year later. Michael Palmer, the owner of VCA, was already operating the Jay, Florida property. He stepped down amidst rape charges but never served a day in jail. VCA changed its name to Lighthouse of North Florida.

22 years later (that long?), Lighthouse is closing its doors because of dwindling enrollment brought on by an expose of the Tampa Bay Times. Many of the survivors in that article spoke out as a direct result of the activities of SIA Organization and Facebook survivor groups. And, as many readers know, this video made by the aforementioned videographer documenting a survivor’s reunion on the grounds of VCA (Ramona), played its role in bringing together survivors.

Nice to see the long term results of something that began eons ago finally take root!


February 14, 1991 Raid of VCA.

Tampa Bay Times expose causes school to fold up.

Lester Roloff, name drop him if you wanna get attention:

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