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NOTE: An open forum will be held on October 27th, 2012 at 634 Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA, regarding the disturbing practice of judges sending children out of the state of California to various teen detention facilities (or IED, Individual Educational Development) in the United States and abroad. This forum is not connected with HEAL but, after speaking with the woman organizing it, believe it warrants a mention. No video cameras or audio recordings will be allowed.

My name is Jacq I was drawn into the issue of camps in a contentious custody battle. My daughter was recommended to be sent to Fiji until she was 18.  No logical reason was the proposal.  I went toe to toe with the evaluator his name was Dr. Roy W. Bradbury. He did not have credential to perform evaluations, yet he was herald as the expert.  Bradbury was exposed in a deposition he admitted under oath he did not have the proper training for ten years. 

I began to hear from other victims of the abusive treatment of this man.  I tried to recuse him and was denied.  Suddenly Bradbury died.  I kept subpoenaing him for my trial, the courts claimed Bradbury had a heart attack,  I went to county recorders office and asked for his death certificate to determined the cause of death.

Bradbury died a blocks from his home, he shot himself in his vehicle.  I questioned the whole process of sending children to institutions when this man was inept and unqualified.

I with some other family court litigants are attempting to have a open forum of issues affecting the litigants. 

On October 27th at 11-3pm, 634 Spring st, Los Angeles, CA conference room.  We will start this process