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Christian School Confidential, a webseries dedicated to being a watchdog on the IFB Christian School industry, begins with the question, “Should Chris Peterman have given up DORIGHTBJU after Chuck Phelps resigned?”

It is also a call to protest and an invitation for survivors to send videos of testimonies, protests, and memorial services for possible webcasts on the activist site,

This webseries is not connected with HEAL-online beyond the fact that I am the host of CSC, as well as California co-ordinator for In this video, however, I do ask for survivors to videotape their testimonies, memorial services, protests and other events to highlight the problems of institutional abuse and to send them for possible webcasting on

We are getting a lot of great articles and coverage, but there is a lag in between press attention and we really need to stop depending on the MSM to advocate for us.

If you are not familiar with the Chris Peterman story, please watch ‘A Salute to Chris Peterman’: