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NOTE: I deleted the name of the person I’m writing to since I’m not sure of her position within Florida’s Child Protective Services. Perhaps she might forward the letter to someone in a position to give answers to these needed questions? Keep visiting this page since I’ll keep you posted on the response as well as who we need to contact and petition to stop the insanity of foxes guarding the henhouses!

Name Deleted,​​

Back around 1990, I interviewed a survivor from Victory Christian Academy in Ramona, CA about the abuse suffered at that school. As a result of that videotape, an investigation into the school was re-launched. A few years before the interview, a girl named Carrie Dunn died after a stack of dry wall fell on her. It’s normal for children to do dangerous construction work in these places. Somehow, the parents were convinced not to press charges and even the state stopped their investigation. The videotape I shot was for a public access television production, mind you. Not ABC or any of the big networks! Yet, the power of a victim’s testimony was enough to relaunch the investigation and get the school closed down the following year. The owner, Michael Palmer, was ordered never to work with children in the state of California unless he gets licensed.

Palmer left for Jay, Florida where, to my understanding, he became vice president of FACCCA. He eventually was accused of raping a student and left the Jay, Florida VCA which eventually became Lighthouse of North West Florida.

Is FACCCA under any obligation to report abuse at their facilities to the Children’s Protective Services? Did they report Michael Palmer to you when this happened? Or, did they wait until it hit the press? How can you be sure they are truly regulating their facilities? Does the state of Florida actually endorse FACCCA as a regulating agency?

New Beginnings, now known as Marvelous Grace Girls Academy in Pace, FL, was originally the late Lester Roloff’s Rebekah Home. There was a stabbing that happened in the home where girls wanted to showcase how bad it was by allegedly stabbing another girl. An article documenting that is included in this email. Lester Roloff declares in the article he is not bothered that he did not call the police. He jokingly refers to the girls as his ‘little murderers’ and says ‘we try to steer away from unnecessary publicity’. Lester Roloff is an icon to that movement! I wonder if the current leaders of FACCCA would disavow Roloff’s comments or if they still consider him a hero for standing up against accountability?

If that’s not enough, a few weeks ago I received an email from a woman who was a former student of Rebekah during that time period. She remembers the stabbing victim being an old woman! She remembers seeing the blood stains on the wall. Two separate incidents or one? Kinda difficult to tell if the patriarch of the movement, and hero to FACCCA, considers himself the judge, jury and executioner with no reason to contact official authorities!

That was a long time ago, but recently survivors have been coming together and sharing their stories. They are getting more and more vocal. BEHIND SACRED WALLS, by JD Whisperling, presents testimonies of rape and abuse at the various homes. JD appeared at the Survivors of Institutional Abuse convention recently held in Long Beach, CA. You can hear her testimony about being raped at New Bethany, a home outside your jurisdiction in Louisiana, in the video link below. Keep in mind there are more testimonies to come from those incarcerated in Roloff friendly schools.

A few years ago, Camp Tracey (approved by FACCCA) near Jacksonville, FL was raided because of alleged sexual abuse against the residents. My connection is rather tenuous because I went to school with one of the accused counselors at Trinity Christian Academy in Jacksonville, FL, where, in case you’re not aware, the late former pastor, Bob Gray, was arrested for serial child molestation.

When I began blogging about the Gray case, survivors of the former Victory Home for Girls (no longer operating) near Jacksonville contacted me. That home was endorsed by our church and one of the survivors recalled staying with Bob Gray in order to keep her away from the authorities investigating abuse at the Victory Home. This is typical as I have now spoken with two people, in different homes, who were sent to these places in order to avoid questioning by police regarding abuse in their families or, in this case, an actual facility.

What exactly is FACCCA’s relationship with Children’s Protective Services in Florida? Is FACCCA seriously recommended by the State of Florida as a source for regulating the homes? Or, is it more of a ‘guild’ in order to protect their industry from investigations? If it is seriously recommended as a bonafide accrediting agency, who is responsible for that happening? When did it happen? If CPS has any suspicions that FACCCA is not effectively monitoring abuse in private religious facilities, then who monitors FACCCA? How can those who have been abused in these places stop the State of Florida from endorsing an organization known for covering up abuse in the name of separation of church and state?

This is a public letter. It will be posted on the blog of California HEAL since I am the California co-ordinator for HEAL On-Line, a network of activists and survivors of unregulated children’s homes. Any information you can give will be appreciated.

Thanks for your help.


Dwayne Walker
(877) 845-3232


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    Conspiracy of Silence

    Posted: April 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

    Conspiracy of Silence features former Conservative Senator, John DeCamp, exploring allegations that children from the famed Boy’s Town were not only sexually abused, but also taken from the facilities for orgies and abuse by political figures, police, and even representatives from the highest office in the land.   Larry King, not the broadcaster but the director of the collapsed Franklin Community Credit Union, was the alleged liasson between Boys Home children and their abusers.

    This documentary was orginally slated for the Discovery Channel but the network refused to air it.  It was produced by Britain’s Yorkshire TV so, fortunately, is now able to be seen on YouTube and the Internet.  One of the reaswons it was probably squashed concerned ‘tours of the White House’ some of our country’s higher-ups gave the boys and girls of Boy’s Town.

    If it sounds suspiciously like the ‘tours’  given by visiting preachers at the various Roloff homes (see COMING OF AGE and BEHIND SACRED WALLS)  you can understand why I think this video is a MUST SEE for those who are following the scandals regarding teen bootcamps, orphanages, and religious homes. There are number of similarities.  Including: witnesses suddenly changing their minds, getting killed, arrested for nominal offenses, cover ups by government officials, and, of course, the media cheery picking which abuse cases become prominent and which are shelved from the public eye.

    for more info: