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The California Heal Resistance is the official blog for Heal California, a chapter of Heal OnLine, a national network of egalitarian activists self-empowered to plan events, create change, and make the world a better place for all life.  Our goals include the liberation of humans, nonhuman animals, and the earth!  We work in cooperation with like-minded organizations that put compassion in action!

HEAL, standing for ‘Humans, Earth, Animal Liberation’  was founded by Angela Smith in 2002 as a registered student organization of the  University of Washington.  It moved off campus  in 2005 and has become quite influential.  Mark Levine, national radio host, has credited HEAL with ‘saving lives she doesn’t know she’s saving!’.

Our primary campaign is ‘Teen Liberty’, which is HEAL’s term for our agenda of closing and exposing fraudulent and abusive behavior modification programs.

My involvement with HEAL began this year.  Most of the chapter co-ordinators have been alumni from various teen gulags throughout this country.  I did not go to such a facility. I graduated from Trinity Christian Academy (1980) in Jacksonville, Florida, where I attended classes with those incarcerated at the Victory Home for Girls.  After Bob Gray, the founder of TCA, was arrested for child molestation, a survivor from the North Florida Victory posted a blog about the abuse she suffered in that home.  That home eventually closed due to the death of its founder, Mrs. Bell.

A three week stint at Bob Jones University came to an unceremonious halt after I realized voluntarily living in what is ultimately a fundamentalist sociological experiment was not for me.  I moved to California where I worked as a videographer.  An interview which I shot and edited ultimately resulted in re-opening the case against Victory Christian Academy (no relation to the North Florida Victory), an abusive school in Ramona, California, that resulted in its eventual closure and the owner being told he could not work with children in California until his facility was licensed.

I was under a false sense of security that California was one of the leaders in regulating children’s facilities.  Recent events at Family First Growth Camp under Kelvin ‘Sgt Mac’ McFarland indicates this is not the case.  It’s time for an active group of dedicated ‘actionists’, as a survivor at New Bethany termed it, to monitor the troubled teen industry in California and mobilize survivors and supporters to take action and use whatever legal means are necessary to bring about an end to the abuse.

Prior to HEAL, I worked as college organizer for the Humanist Association of Los Angeles and media co-ordinator for Atheists United.  I wrote satire for Poppy Dixon’s Adult Christianity and produced/directed the first YouTube video featuring characters from the satirical site, Landover Baptist Church in ‘Protesting Southern Baptist Sissies’. I also produced ‘Don’t Go In The Church’, a response to the Bob Gray child molestation scandal and organized a public awareness meeting in Jacksonville concerning clergy abuse that was the lead story on First Coast News.

I was one of the founding members of SIA. My accomplishments included getting  the organization noticed in Mother Jones, two ABC News On-line reports, and producing ‘They Didn’t Forget’, which was instrumental in drawing survivors from different facilities to SIA Organization.  I wrote the text for the Proclamation for the International Day of Awareness for Survivors of Institutional Abuse which was read by Mark Levine at the SIA Convention in Long Beach, CA in on February 25, 2012.

Christian School Confidential, my novel about abuse within the world of the IFB (independent fundamental baptist), and Our Pastor Molested Me, Now What? is available on-line.  My opinions are my own and not to be construed with those of HEAL staff or coordinators.

If you wish to get involved with our activities at HEAL California, please send me an email or drop a message at the contact information provided.

This clip from the SIA Convention shows Mark Levine praising HEAL for saving lives.  One minor point of correction: HEAL does not actually go into the facilities to rescue teens, although it is a nice thought.  When I was asked to join HEAL, I had this vision of driving a VW bus and rescuing teens like Richard Moll from the comedy, ‘BUT I’M A CHEERLEADER’, inspired by the anti-gay behavior modification centers.  HEAL does a lot of great work, but we keep within the bounds of the law.